¿Qué necesito para una cocina industrial?

What do I need for an industrial kitchen?

An industrial kitchen is an investment that requires several elements, as it is necessary to have all the necessary tools and elements to obtain the maximum efficiency. It is very important to think well before starting the business and to have a very clear idea of the type of kitchen that is going to be used.


For industrial kitchens, it is necessary to have some equipment that meets the service required and that is useful in order to optimize time and resources:

  • Fryers: These are used to fry food quickly and at high temperatures. It is important to check that it is in perfect condition and that it offers optimal performance in the kitchen.
  • Grills: Grills are necessary for cooking different types of meals. It is necessary to choose a heavy-duty and quality grill that can withstand high temperatures and provide quality food.
  • Kitchen Hoods: This equipment is necessary to ensure proper ventilation of the smoke that is created when the food is cooked. It is necessary to choose the one that is adequate for the space and area to be ventilated.
  • High capacity ovens: Hot air circulation and special baking items are some of the features of these ovens. They are very useful when it comes to baking large amounts of food.
  • Refrigeration service: It is necessary to have adequate refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerators and freezers, to store all the ingredients that are going to be used in the kitchen.
  • Cutting boards: They are one of the fundamental pieces for the preparation of food. It is important to choose resistant and quality boards that guarantee hygiene and safety.

Utensils and Accessories

In addition to the equipment, it is also necessary to purchase some utensils and accessories that are necessary for the day-to-day operations of the kitchen:

  • Knives: A good set of different types of knives is essential for any kitchen. It is necessary to make sure that they are of good quality and that they are very sharp to ensure a quick and hygienic cut.
  • Pots and pans: A good set of pots and pans will contribute to the effectiveness of the kitchen. It is important to choose the right type that adjusts to the needs of the kitchen.
  • Mixers and blenders: They are indispensable tools for the preparation of sauces, creams and other preparations. A good blender is necessary to obtain good results.
  • Measuring cups: They are essential for the tasks of mixing and measuring ingredients. It is necessary to have appropriate containers to ensure the correct measurements of the ingredients.

Finally, it is important to ensure that all the necessary elements are in the industrial kitchen, in order to obtain maximum efficiency and the best results.

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